“GEISHA” specialized cafe

Among coffees, specialty coffee has a particularly superior flavor when poured into the cup. Among them, GEISHA is attracting worldwide attention as the best variety.
Our shop is a globally prominent cafe that only serves a rare variety of GEISHA.

GEISAH specialized Cafe



Among the GEISHA, their individuality varies greatly depending on the cultivation environment and processing method.
In addition to the individuality of the size, density, moisture value, and how mucilages are attached to raw beans, roasting is greatly influenced by changes in daily temperature, pressure, and humidity.
To find out the individuality of GEISHA gathered from all over the world and to maximize its characteristics, specialist roasters are working keen senses to face each bean daily.




It is the world-first “fully automated specialty coffee machine,” planned and developed by our group company, “TREE FIELD Co., Ltd.”
Anyone can easily extract specialty coffee, which requires trained technique.
We bring out the full potential of coffee beans to realize the unique cup quality by FURUMAI.

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Specialty coffee is a high-quality coffee with thorough quality control in all processes, from bean production areas, processing, distribution, roasting, and brewed to cups.
The cup quality, traceability, and sustainability must be ensured.


What is the Best of Panama?

It is a coffee competition and auction held annually by the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama (SCAP), an NPO consisting of coffee producers in Panama.
It is one of the most notable competitions in the world that was established in 1996.


What is the Cup of Excellence?

It is a competition and auction held annually by an American NPO, Alliance for Coffee of Excellence (ACE).
It is held in each country in Africa and Latin America, and only the winning beans will be listed at the auction.

What is Specialty Coffee?

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